Our Story

At Pink Ruffle Co. we believe it is the little things that matter. We focus on making impeccably stylish, beautifully designed accessories for babies and children. Mainly inspired by timeless classic design paired with a soft colour palette and luxurious fabrics.  Ensuring a high quality heirloom bow perfect for creating beautiful moments in everyday. 

As a small business we pride ourselves on simplicity, quality and exceptional attention to detail. Each item is individually handcrafted in the UK.  We partner with seamstresses who work from home to sew the fabric used to create our bows. Our dream is to provide opportunities for women seeking the ability to stay at home with their babies to earn an additional income on a flexible schedule. 

100% Quality Gaurantee! We aim to deliver heirloom quality bows that stand the test of time, so we will replace/repair our bows if they do not live up to our high standards!

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