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Leather Snap Clips | Soft Lilac & Shy Pink

Leather Snap Clips | Soft Lilac & Shy Pink

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Leather Snap Clips  | Soft Lilac & Shy Pink (Shimmer)

Set of 2 

Our snap clips are great for pinning back fringes or clipping under a top knot. They are the perfect accessory for girls of all ages!

They are also very lightweight so especially good if she doesn’t like anything in her hair.

Each clip measures 5 x 2 cm and is covered in a high quality bonded leather fabric.

Both pictured clips are included in this set. 

Clip 1- Soft Lilac 

Clip 2- Shy Pink

Please note:

Due to the nature of our handmade bows and pattern on the fabric there may be slight variations across each bow.

Our bows may contain small parts that could potentially be dangerous to small children. Adult supervision is required.